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Data Entry and Data Processing


Have you quit outsourcing information section on account of mistake and absence of value? Akhyaan Telegen Pvt. Ltd. gives information passage benefits that give you 99.9% exact information—clear, compact and finish. We are one of India's most rumored and dependable information section administration suppliers, with over years of involvement in meeting the information passage needs of worldwide organizations over an extensive variety of spaces.

Our groups of talented and experienced information passage administrators use propelled information section apparatuses, ICR/OCR, quick scanners and top of the line base to meet general precision levels of more than 98%. We consistently move up to the most recent information passage innovations to expand our pace and level of effectiveness. Besides, we thoroughly take after Quality Assurance procedures to guarantee that the finished information sticks to worldwide quality benchmarks.

Folling Steps for Data Entry: Receiving the documents: We acknowledge examined, delicate or printed version records in arrangements, for example, PDF, Excel, XML, Word docs or online source documents. We are exceptionally adaptable and offer our clients a few document exchange alternatives. You can send your archives by means of email, fax, mail, DVDs or by dispatch. You could likewise transfer your records to our safe FTP server, or let us remotely get to your information through a safe VPN or a web application.
How data is entered: The records to be entered are isolated into bunches, with a keying particular guideline sheet for every clump. Two information passage experts enter the information into two unique records. Both these records will be assessed against each other through programming which will highlight befuddles, assuming any. After amendments are made, the records are again contrasted with guarantee more than 98% exactness.
The Workflow: The undertaking will be distributed to a committed and experienced Project Manager who will download your documents. The Project Manager and the EDM overseers will sort and characterize the information to be entered. Areas of the work will then be dispensed to Team Leaders who will control their individual groups in completing the information section. A procedure arranged work process is taken after to guarantee that the information passage is finished with no misfortunes.
Quality Assurance: At Akhyaan Telegen Pvt. Ltd., we have taken stringent quality certification measures to guarantee that information is 99.9% precise. After the information has been entered, it will be edit by specialists who will distinguish blunders and right them. All the edit records will again be screened by the QA group to check for blunders. A third quality check will then be led to check the records for clarity, exactness and fulfillment.
Sending the completed files: Once we complete the data entry for your documents, we can send them to you either by mail, courier, email or fax. We can also upload the files on a secure FTP. You could also remotely access your files on a secure VPN or a web application.

Data Processing

An information handling framework is a blend of machines, individuals, and procedures that for an arrangement of inputs creates a characterized set of yields. The inputs and yields are translated as information, realities, data, contingent upon the translator's connection to the framework. A typical synonymous term is "data framework"

A data processing system may involve some combination of:
Conversion:converting data to another format.
Validation: Ensuring that supplied data is "clean, correct and useful.
Sorting: Arranging items in some sequence and/or in different sets.
Summarization: reducing detail data to its main points.
Aggregation: combining multiple pieces of data.
Analysis: The "collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.".
Reporting: list detail or summary data or computed information.